Thursday, March 08, 2012

And The Greatest News Is.....

Oh wow, it's been more than a month since my last update.....I've been taking a "break" for most of February. By break I mean a slowdown from crafting and online presence, and this has been longer than I realised! Most of the "rest" time I've been playing mummy, tuition teacher, violin teacher, volunteer, cleaner and maid at home (especially so since my part time helpers quit!), so it's not exactly a "resting on my laurels" kind of break. I'm still struggling to keep up with my new time-table this year, but slowly and surely I think I'll be able to catch up with my beloved crafting projects soon (fingers crossed)!

By the way, to my dear local customers/supporters, due to timing and logistics constraints, I'm unable to participate in the local MAAD bazaar for a while. My online Etsy shop is still open 24/7 however, and I'm still adding new things (I have been slow in crafting, but haven't stopped!), so do pop by

Anyway, the greatest piece of news I've had these two days is that the new iPad3 is OUT! YES! I had sold off my iPad (the first generation) in December, wanting to use the money to buy a new iPad2 as a birthday present for my hub. But just before I was about to purchase it, my hub told me about rumours of a new iPad3 coming out this year, so we decided to hold out for a while. It has been a difficult withdrawal period. Hub suddenly felt empty and meaningless without his game apps, the little one kept asking when we will be replacing the sold iPad so that she can use the dictionary apps (and play games of course), and me feeling so bored without it when I had to wait for my girl during her lessons and had no iPad to kill time! Hub has already ordered it, yippee-doo-dah! Soon our lives will be complete.

Wait, with a new iPad, I might need new clothes and accessories for it.....lookie what I've found!

(Hubby will love watching his "How I Met Your Mother" Podcasts on this!)

Panda Sleeve by Hooby Groovy

I'm so excited!! :))

(Images are lifted from the respective Etsy shops, no afflilation, I just like their stuff :D)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Year Of The Dragon

We have just celebrated Chinese New Year this week - it is now officially the Year Of The Dragon! Some of my family's celebration highlights:

Our annual pilgrimage to Chinatown! Look at that dragon!

Huat ar!

Everything's in red!

Including some humans!

Back to school - For more celebrations!

Lion Dance

Dragon Dance - a special treat for this year :)

And for those who might have missed this - my little girl brought her violin along during the new year visitations, playing chinese new year favourites for a little more ang pow money. And thanks to the support of wonderful and generous relatives, she managed to increase her takings, a great teaching point for her about "有劳而获" (hard work reaps rewards)! Here is the video of her playing at my mum's:

Here's wishing everyone a blessed, prosperous and wonderful Year Of The Dragon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wrapped In A Cocoon Of Love

With Valentine's just round the corner,
are you looking for the perfect gift?

These little cocoons are handmade with love
using Swarovski crystals in the 12 birthstone colours-
garnet red, amethyst purple, aquamarine blue,
crystal clear, emerald green, pearl white,
ruby red, peridot green, sapphire blue,
tourmaline pink, citrine yellow, zircon blue,
and wrapped in a cocoon of hand crocheted anti tarnish silver wire.
Comes ready-to-wear in a silverplated chain of 17".

A cocoon of love and warmth,
you can also personalise it
with a hand-stamped initial tag of your choice.
A meaningful and personal gift for your loved one!

This range will be launched in my Etsy Shop next week,
but pre-orders start now!
for the colour and tag of your choice.

(NB: Every piece is made by hand upon order,
please allow 3-5 working days
for your cocoon to be custom made.)

Monday, January 09, 2012

The First Week

How has your first week of 2012 been?

For my family and I, the past week was an activity packed week. My daughter entered into mainstream education on the third day of the year, and started on her Primary School journey. A little step for Isabelle, a great milestone for all of us.

Just the night before school started, I was lamenting of how I missed pre-school. Because pre-school was non compulsory, I was pretty much "in control". If she wasn't feeling well, I could let her stay home without the need of producing an MC. If we wanted to go for a holiday during school term, I'd just have to let the school know without worry of the work that she would have to miss. But all such "privileges" are off now. Instead, I feel a strong current sweeping me off my feet, pushing me into the rat race, joining the whirlpool of pressure and stress that is characteristic of the education system of our country.

I spent the 1st three days of school volunteering at my daughter's new primary school, helping to chaperone a Primary One class (not my daughter's class). It was a physically tiring but rewarding time. I got to "orientate" and familiarize myself with the new school together with a bunch of excited and wide-eyed kids. And got a few peeks at my little one from time to time to make sure that she was settling in comfortably. She seemed to be adjusting well, excited to go to school every morning and even volunteered to perform a violin piece during the "talent show" on the third day of school. For those who have not seen that on my facebook, you can view it here:

My little one also celebrated her 7th birthday last week. Because it was a school day, we couldn't hold a proper party, but we have brought her (and her best friend) to the Universal Studios on the last week of Dec as an advance celebration, and on the actual day we treated her to a sumptous meal at her favourite Japanese restaurant Fukuichi (yes, my little one likes to eat good food).

So that wraps up a busy busy first week. Now on the first day of the second week, I am, for the first time in a long while, enjoying some alone "me time" while my daughter is at school and hub is at work. A few more hours to chill before madness begins (after she comes home), maybe I'll pick up my almost-dusty tools and make something new. See you soon!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Few Hours

In half an hour's time, we will be crossing over to a brand new year, 2012. This is supposed to be the time when we review the past year and make new resolutions, isn't it? But I've never been one good at keeping any resolutions, so maybe I'll just make myself a wish list, so that I'll feel happier when my wishes comes true, and feel less of a failure if they don't. So here goes:
1. Get myself a new iPad. 3 hopefully? Get cracking won't ya, Apple?
2. Get myself a new iphone. I'm still holding out on the 4S because I'm still holding on to hopes of a 5.
3. Help my little one settle comfortably into Primary One without getting eaten up by the competitive education system. But who am I kidding? I'm already one helluva typical Singaporean "kiasu" parent. Maybe migration is a better solution?
(Note: if you are not from Singapore, "kiasu" means afraid to lose. Most singaporean parents cannot stand the idea of having their child lose out, and it's a mighty fierce battle, believe me)
4. Plan big plans for Jewel Parlour. I've always dreamt of big plans but kept them at that - in a dreamy state. This year I wish to bring out enough energy to draw them out from the clouds, and a battle plan has been drawn with the help of my hubby, who has also promised to kick my ass into action. So do look out for new products, newsletters, and maybe a promotion or two.
5. Pull That Gem Shop out of "vacation mode". That will give me a much better reason (to hubby at least) for gem shopping.
Right, five wishes should be enough for me. I'm not a greedy person. So, a happy new year to me, and a happy new year to you, may all our wishes come true!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The One-Oh Anniversary

17 November. The day we said "I do".

That was in 2001.

Now a decade has passed. Some many things have changed.
But thankfully, our love has not.

So last week, on 17 November 2011,
we decided to renew our vows,
and say "I do" again
in the same church auditorium as a decade ago,
to celebrate our love
and to remember and renew our promise to each other.

Besides our pastors and their families,
we had no other guests
because we wanted to keep it simple and private,
just God, and us
and a few witnesses.

Our little princess, who never had the chance to be a flower girl before,
accepted her role with glee and delight.

The simple ceremony

Exchanging (new) rings

Sealed with a kiss!

Our little entourage

And of course, my hubby, who loves to surprise me,
"endowed" me with this lovely gift -
a 2-carat sapphire ring.
From Galanos
My 10 year anniversary present. Yay!

"It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails"
1 Cor 13: 7-8 (part), NLT

May we continue on more decades together
by the love and grace of our Lord.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

All About Birds

Last Thursday I went with my daughter on her last outing with her kindergarten. Together with her class and teachers, we went to the Jurong Bird Park. I haven't been there since I was 7, and all I could remember about it was the bad smell. However they have cleaned up and improved their act (in true blue singaporean style of course). I was pleasantly surprised to see the park very nicely revamped and refurbished to resemble the zoo, the only difference now being the kind of inhabitants they have. The bird show was quite awesome, and the most enjoyable part was the Panorail ride. I think that is the only monorail left in Singapore, but unfortunately, this is going to be the last year it will be in operation. What a waste! Anyway, here are some nice memories of the day:

A group shot right at the start - we are the first at the park, early bird catches the worm, right?

The park warden Ms Amber teaching the children about the Bottle Tree.

We had the privilege of visiting the "secret" place, where the children got to meet this little 2 yr old lory that was born and bred at the park. And they were taught how to make a yummy honey snack for the lory birds too.

And then it's feeding time!

Strangely the children became a tourist attraction suddenly - many Indian tourists wanted to take pictures with them because they thought the kids look so cute. Haha!

King penguins at the Penguin Coast. Apparently it was bed or nap time for them. Notice the apparently headless one on the left!

The coy lovebird.

My favourite - Flamingoes!

A parting shot with best friends!

And still on the topic of birds, I've got a newly made necklace - also featuring a pair of birds, and I think these are parrots.

I think they are not young lovers, but long time life partners. Heard (from a customer) that parrots only choose one mate to be with their whole life, in fact, I learnt at the Bird Park that many species of birds are like that, including the hornbill and lovebirds. Isn't that the sweetest? Awwww.......
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